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Have you been looking for a reliable laundry shop near me? Don’t worry! We have got your back putting an end to your search of nearest Laundromat for the future. Our laundry services are for both residential and commercial needs. So whatever your requirements are, our services will suit your needs for all casual and corporate laundry.

We know how tough or sometimes annoying it is when you get to know that you are having a lot of laundry to do after arriving home from work. In such a moment when one has already been tired of office work and needs some rest, Dhobi Ghaat appears as a life savior to provide you relief from the pending laundry work. Either it is for home or office we will do it for you. As we also provide commercial laundry you may refer your employees to avail our convenient and reliable laundry services. We would love to continue with a long-term partnership for commercial laundry needs.  

Dry Cleaning:

In the case of a few garments, dry cleaning is the only best solution to make it clean and tidy. At Dhobi Ghaat, we use the most advanced and suitable techniques that are helpful in dry cleaning your clothes for better results. With innovative methods of dry cleaning, we are improving the performance day by day and bringing excellence to outperform the competitors.