Wants a launder?


Open Hours

8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m

Do I need to make an account for laundry service?

We want you to enjoy something more than laundry service only. Your convenience is our priority hence we do not ask for any sign up or account making process. You may just provide us few of your basic info and we will send a driver to collect the laundry from you for getting it done with the easiest way.

It’s my first order, how should I start with online order service?

Take it easy and your order will be placed with few easy steps. Open the page of ‘Order Online’ and fill the required data in the boxes available below. In a short time your laundry will be collected from the given address for processing the washing and cleaning work.

I want to cancel my order, what should I do?

There may be certain situation that you can’t continue with the provided timing of collection. We understand such urgency of work and last moment chaos therefore, don’t worry if you are facing one. You may inform us through call or email for a change of plan and that you will be available later at some time. But try to let us informed at least 2 or 3 hours prior the scheduled timing.

How to pay for the services?

As we provide ease in all aspects, the methods of payment are also different where you can pay as per your convenience. You may check the details on our website for further clarification. Also the payment methods we offer are secured and your personal data is not stored by us to avoid any misuse for later.

Do we charge for pick-up and delivery?

No, the service of collection and delivery is totally free. We only charge for the laundry services with fair rates.

Why do the prices of same service vary on different clothing?

It is absolute for prices to vary from different type of fabric. Certain specifications are applied on delicate materials and they need great attention than any other material. Due to intense care and work the charges may be a bit high.

My order didn’t deliver at time, what is the reason?

Sometimes, there may be delay in cleaning process due to tough stains. Our team works hard to provide you the clothes free from stain and in a few cases the clothing demands more time than usual.

There is a stain left untreated, why?

If you receive any garment that is still containing the stain then there possibly there may be 2 reasons for it.

  • Although we work with proper attention yet we are humans and can make mistakes as well.
  • Secondly, may be the stain is irremovable and despite of treating with all methods we couldn’t remove it.

So if you come across such situation, contact us and let us know that your item is still having a stain so we will tell you the actual reason.

May I change the delivery address if I am not available at the pick-up place?

Sorry for the disappointment but we deliver the package on the same address that you have provided for the pick-up. If there is any change of plan and you are not able to present there at that decided time then you may change the delivery timing by letting us know through call or email. We will schedule a new timing for your package delivery.

I am facing order failure for online booking, what should I do?

There may be such kinda problems due to excess of work load on the site. You may ask for online chat to our representative and he will guide you with the best of solutions to get your order confirmed.

I am not sure what type of my clothes need dry cleaning, how to prepare my laundry?

You don’t need to be stressed out if you are getting confused between washing and dry cleaning. We have our experts to find out what will be the most appropriate way to clean your clothes. They will sort out your laundry and work accordingly to remove the stains.